Suitability of valued eucalypt species for the larval development of the gum leaf skeletoniser <i>Uraba lugens</i>


  • K.J.B. Potter
  • A.E.A. Stephens



Gum leaf skeletoniser Uraba lugens is native to Australia and is a common defoliator of Eucalyptus Uraba lugens was first recorded in New Zealand in 1992 and is now well established in the Auckland region As U lugens has the potential to damage Eucalyptus in New Zealand nochoice larval development trials were used to assess the ability of U lugens larvae to develop on 18 Eucalyptus species that are highly valued in New Zealand Eucalyptus nitens and E nicholii were the most suitable larval hosts as larval mortality was low and development time was brief Larvae reared on E fastigata had a rapid development time and high growth rates resulting in heavy female pupae although larval mortality was in the intermediate range Species that were least suitable for U lugens development included Corymbia maculata E microcorys the juvenile foliage of E globulus globulus and E globulus maidenii




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Potter, K.J.B., and A.E.A. Stephens. “Gt”;. New Zealand Plant Protection 58 (August 1, 2005): 184–190. Accessed March 30, 2023.