Improving border biosecurity potential economic benefits to New Zealand


  • D.J. Kriticos
  • C.B. Phillips
  • D.M. Suckling



The number of alien species becoming established in New Zealand is steadily increasing Assuming no improvements to New Zealands border biosecurity systems it is conservatively estimated that Biosecurity New Zealand will have to deal with more than 542 potential pest incursions and 512 phytophagous species becoming permanently established from 2005 to 2017 These additional established pest organisms will cost the economy about NZ921 million in direct impacts and ongoing control costs Assuming the rate at which unwanted new organisms are intercepted at the border is improved in 1 increments from 2007 leading to a total 10 improvement by 2017 Biosecurity New Zealands total expenditure in responding to new incursions would be reduced by approximately NZ16 million If improved surveillance and eradication reduced the number of new pests that become permanently established over the same period by 155 approximately NZ96 million in direct pest impacts and mitigation measures would be saved




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Kriticos, D., Phillips, C. and Suckling, D. 2005. Improving border biosecurity potential economic benefits to New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 58, (Aug. 2005), 1–6. DOI:




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