Carbon dioxide fumigation of <i>Thrips tabaci</i> in export onions


  • B.B.C. Page
  • M.J. Bendall
  • A. Carpenter
  • C.W. van_Epenhuijsen



As an alternative to chemical pesticides elevated carbon dioxide atmospheres were examined as a method for controlling thrips on export onions A replicated gas delivery system was used to deliver a constant supply of various concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) to thripsinfested onions within sealable bags Six CO2 treatments an air control and 15 30 45 60 and 100 CO2 (all in balance air) were applied for 6 12 24 48 and 72 h Mortality was 100 at CO2 concentrations of 30 or more after at least 24 h However the control treatments also had a high level of mortality and although there were significant differences between the control treatment and the CO2 treatments these differences were not large




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Page, B.B.C., M.J. Bendall, A. Carpenter, and C.W. van_Epenhuijsen. “Carbon Dioxide Fumigation of &lt;i&gt;Thrips tabaci&lt;/i&gt; In Export Onions”. New Zealand Plant Protection 55 (August 1, 2002): 303–307. Accessed December 9, 2023.




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