Establishment techniques for dichondra ground covers in orchards


  • K.C. Harrington
  • B.J. Anderson
  • E.A. Cameron



A field trial evaluated several different techniques for establishing strips of dichondra (Dichondra micrantha) under newly planted apple trees for weed control purposes Each technique involved planting a line of dichondra either side of the tree row with lateral spread of the plants eventually allowing the two strips of ground cover to merge Plugs of dichondra allowed more rapid establishment than transplanted strips of material or sown seeds However all methods gave total ground cover after 12 months In a separate pot trial several herbicide treatments suitable for controlling weeds during this establishment phase were assessed for their effects on young dichondra Herbicides that were tolerated by the dichondra included haloxyfop clopyralid tribenuron metsulfuron oxadiazon oryazalin glyphosate and propyzamide Several application rates and mixtures of some herbicides were assessed Plugs of dichondra tolerated more herbicides than young seedlings The best strategies for establishing dichondra ground covers in orchards are discussed




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Harrington, K., Anderson, B. and Cameron, E. 2002. Establishment techniques for dichondra ground covers in orchards. New Zealand Plant Protection. 55, (Aug. 2002), 202–206. DOI:




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