Importation to New Zealand quarantine of a candidate biological control agent of clover root weevil


  • S.L. Goldson
  • C. Phillips
  • M.M. McNeill
  • J.R Proffitt
  • R.P. Cane



Several candidate biological control agents of Sitona lepidus have been identified since a search commenced in 1997 Interestingly Microctonus aethiopoides from Europe is a much more effective parasitoid of S lepidus than the M aethiopoides ecotype already established in New Zealand To assess further the suitability of the European M aethiopoides for biological control of S lepidus 1599 infected S lepidus were shipped to New Zealand quarantine during late 2000 These yielded 267 parasitoid pupae from which 204 adult parasitoids were reared This material was obtained from a wide geographical range in Europe and has been used to establish cultures in New Zealand quarantine based on genetic material from France England Norway Finland Romania Ireland Scotland Italy and Wales This contribution presents an overview of the work associated with the importation of the parasitoids and the effort now being made to maintain genetic diversity Planned research is also discussed




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Goldson, S.L., C. Phillips, M.M. McNeill, J.R Proffitt, and R.P. Cane. “Importation to New Zealand Quarantine of a Candidate Biological Control Agent of Clover Root Weevil”. New Zealand Plant Protection 54 (August 1, 2001): 147–151. Accessed June 5, 2023.




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