Two major genes confer Ascochyta blight resistance in <i>Lens orientalis</i>


  • G. Ye
  • D.L. McNeil
  • G.D. Hill



Genetic mechanisms of resistance to Ascochyta blight from wild lentil (Lens orientalis) were studied using F3 families of a cross between the cultivar Titore of the cultivated lentil (Lens culinaris) and accession W 6 3261 of the wild lentil The simplest genetic model to adequately fit the data involved two genes one partially dominant gene with a larger effect (A) and one dominant gene with a less effect (B) which acted additively to confer resistance One copy of the resistance increasing allele of the A gene is not sufficient for a genotype to be resistant nor is one or two copies of the resistance increasing allele of the B gene alone When fitted to other published data this model was as good as or better than alternative models that have been proposed




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Ye, G., D.L. McNeil, and G.D. Hill. “Gt”;. New Zealand Plant Protection 53 (August 1, 2000): 109–113. Accessed October 2, 2022.




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