Control of speckled leaf blotch of wheat with fungicides


  • M.G. Cromey
  • M. Braithwaite
  • B.J.R. Alexander
  • S. Ganev
  • T.R. Cookson



Two field trials were conducted in autumnsown wheat cv Domino which is highly susceptible to speckled leaf blotch in Central and South Canterbury Eighteen fungicide treatments were applied at two growth stages (tillering and ear emergence) at the manufacturers recommended rates Severity of speckled leaf blotch and other diseases was assessed on several occasions Speckled leaf blotch was severe in the South Canterbury trial but only low levels of the disease were recorded in the central Canterbury trial Most fungicides reduced disease severity and increased yield especially in the South Canterbury trial where disease pressure was highest and yield increases greater than 30 were recorded The second fungicide application appeared to provide most of the increase in yield The increases in thousand grain weights following fungicide applications contributed approximately onethird of the total yield increases in the South Canterbury trial and half in the Central Canterbury trial




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Cromey, M., Braithwaite, M., Alexander, B., Ganev, S. and Cookson, T. 2000. Control of speckled leaf blotch of wheat with fungicides. New Zealand Plant Protection. 53, (Aug. 2000), 103–108. DOI:




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